Discover the newest triumph created and developed by world-renowned property development company JQZ, Macquarie Park Prime. Prime’s innovative apartment architecture is interwoven with appealing lifestyle retailers and lush resort amenities. The architecture and designs, all planned out and built by JQZ, is a distinct and true representation of what the company brings to every project that they work on. With a strong focus on the standard and caliber of every project that is worked on and completed, JQZ has created a well-known name and reputation for itself. Known as one of Australia’s most influential and successful property development companies, JQZ has developed over 18 sites since its formation in 2010.


In 2011, JQZ completed its first development project, which included building and designing over 47 residential apartment spaces. Their work was so incredible that they were able to expand their company at a significantly rapid rate, allowing for the booking and completion of more simultaneous development projects. Strict with their company characteristics and morals, JQZ is a property development company that doesn’t allow room for measly mistakes and mishappenings. Working with JQZ means a development project that will exuberate advanced technology and designs that will be discussed in high regard by every individual that comes to look at the brand-new advancement.


In 2019, JQZ won the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat award for excellence for the best tall building built, and for good reason! Each of JQZ’s past projects has been designed and developed using carefully strategized planning and execution. These steps have permitted the company to create buildings that are not only pleasing to the eye but well-structured for residents to reside within. JQZ promises to work with every individual customer on a personal level and ensures that their competent workers will meet every individual need within the project.



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